Hello there, we look forward to hearing from you! For your convenience, we've collected all of our FAQ's in one location and hopefully you can find the answer to your question below. For faster checkout, we highly recommend creating an account. 


How do I determine which size to purchase for my child?
Our hats are made to accommodate a broad range so we size them by age.  Please note that if you child's head circumference is in the higher percentile, and nearing the age cut-off for the next size, go ahead and size up for their best fit.   Our hats run true to size, with room to grow based on American baby and toddler head sizes. BluTaylor® hats with stretch slightly as they are worn. 

How do I clean my BluTaylor® hat?

Simply wash by hand and lay flat to dry.  Steam if needed for wrinkles.

What type of fabric do you use?
We pride ourselves on sourcing top quality fabrics.  We offer a range from featherweight, lightweight, mid-weight and heavy-weight.  All weights are indicated in the product description.  Please double check during purchase. We do not use silks or satins at this time.

How do I best fit my BluTaylor®?

Our design accommodates a wide range of sizes so for her best fit, pull the hat down over her ears.  The Classic Bow or Vintage Knot should rest on top of her head.  Pull the hat fully down the nape of her neck.  If she's on the younger size of the age range, she will have more fold at the nape of her neck but that gives her more room to grow into it.  


It looks like my hat is not hemmed on the edges, is this normal?

Yes! The pattern for our hats is hem-less, raw edges.  This allows the hat to naturally roll which creates a more comfortable fit than a thicker hem that would need to be folded. If occasional pilling occurs, simply roll the raw edge underneath.




If you are sold out of one size or color of hat can I buy another size/hat of the same hat and exchange it later?

We do not recommend buying the incorrect size to exchange for an out of stock size because sometimes we do not restock certain colors of hats once they sell out.


Where is my order?

Thank you so much for your order!  BluTaylor® hats are all handmade.  Please allow at least 5-7 business days before your order is ready to be shipped. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number on it. That confirmation email and all correspondence from us will go through the email that you used when you ordered, so please check that email’s inbox and spam folder.

What is your exchange or refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found on our policy page

Can you change my order before it has shipped?

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to change your order after it is placed (for example, we can't change size). However, we can cancel your order so you can order the correct item or we can exchange it after it has shipped.

Why do I have to pay to pick up my package?

When you order merchandise from another country, you are required to pay customs to bring that item into the country, it is your country’s sales tax. I cannot declare your item as a gift, it is illegal and a federal offense in the United States, a.k.a. I will go to jail. Thank you for asking though.




Do you wholesale your hats?
Yes, please apply here if you want to apply to be a BluTaylor® retailer or you can find us at www.BluTaylor.Faire.com.




Can I still place new orders?

New orders can be placed during the liquidation sale period.  New wholesale accounts will not be opened at this time. This is a first-come, first-serve sale so various quantities or products will be available but some may go out of stock early.


What happens to outstanding orders?

All current orders will be fulfilled as promised, unless an item is oversold, in which case you will be notified.  Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number in your confirmation email.


What are the terms of the liquidation sale?

All prices are as they appear. There will be no additional discounts for bulk prices.  There are no returns or exchanges.  This is a first-come, first-serve sale so some sizes and styles might sell out faster than others.  There will be no restock.


Are returns or exchanges still accepted?

There will be no excepted returns or exchanges during the liquidations sale period.


How long will the liquidation sale last?

We expect to close by May 1, 2023 or until inventory is depleted.


What will happen to BluTaylor's customer service?

We will be available throughout the transition to offer assistance or answer questions as they arise.


Will you be closing the BT Preemie Program?

Yes, we will be closing the official BT Preemie Program.  We will no longer be taking submissions via our website.